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Ground ,fine and ultrafine (micronized) silica flours and powders are naturally bright, white, low in moisture and chemically inert. Silica-Quartz contain at least 99.5% pure SiO2 and are used in many different products requiring rigid control of physical and chemical properties. RGe has capabilities to produce and supply 5,10,20,30,44um microns micronized Silicas for high tech application.
Silica for Coatings
Silica, Quartz finds application  as a filler and extender in paint formulations, fine-ground silica renders paint more resistant to chemical attack because of its acid resistance and improves  scrubbability and burnish resistance. Its durability and chemical inertness make it an excellent product for epoxies, coatings, mastics, adhesives and sealants

Silica for Ceramics. High purity ground silica provides a bright, white silica base for glazes and bodies, and the consistent size distribution assures reproducible viscosity in slips.

Silica for Plastic and Rubber Ground 44,30,20,10,5um top cut micronized silica quartz found wide industrial application as an additive for plastics , Plastic master batches and rubber

Silica for metallurgy, refractory,Investment casting, Many industrial processes require high temperature resistant containers that are chemically inert and resistant to thermal shock. To produce an extensive range of Crucibles, Basins and Trays for applications as diverse as precious metal refining, phosphor powder production and metal casting it requires high purity fused silica made out of low impurity silica-quartz as raw material. In various refractory lining, coatings, investment casting slurries where fusion and melting point is critical to avoid metal penetration Silica in different grains and fineness is applied. Its main refractory application is silica monolithic refractory mass for lining of different type of furnaces

Silica / Quartz for Electronics , semiconductor, Fused quartz, Silica is of amorphous type and in its fused form it posses the lowest thermal expansion coefficient among all the industrial minerals as well as good thermal shock resistance and low thermal conductivity. In addition, it is chemically stable and has high insulation resistance.
The fused quartz or fused silica is utilized in semi- conductor/silicon chip industry and special glass making industries
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